When Armando Montelongo was faced with foreclosure, his wife and son very sick and staying at separate hospitals, forced to live in his in-laws’ garage, he knew it was time for a big change in his life. He moved his family to San Antonio, Texas and negotiated a couple of months of rent.

Armando developed a system of finding real estate properties for much less than they were worth, buying the houses, renovating them, and flipping them for a profit. His wife Veronica Montelongo helped decorate the houses to increase their value. Through the school of hard knocks he slowly but surely built up wealth for his family and over time he refined his house flipping methods to a system.

Not wanting to stop there, Armando Montelongo starred on A&E’s series “Flip this House,” and later started a company just to help people like you get started and become successful at flipping houses. Armando continues to flip houses for profit but spends much of his time out educating people. He is a self-made millionaire and he believes that anyone can be successful in real estate. Armando wants to pass along the knowledge he has learned along the way to make your journey to house flipping success easier.

Visit Armando Montelongo Live.tv to learn more about Armando Montelongo as a person, or Armando Montelongo .com to find out more about how Armando Montelongo is helping people just like you to achieve success.